Tallinn, Estonia 2015
Cyber Security Summer School

Currently I am an Assistant Professor in Network Security at the European University Cyprus. Prior to that I was a postdoc researcher at the Network Systems and Science Research Laboratory (NetSySci), Cyprus University of Technology and at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany. During my PhD studies I was fully funded by an FP7 EU grant (Marie Curie, Metrics ITN program), a collaboration between Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Technical University of Berlin and Telefonica I + D. My research interest focuses on measuring the extent of targeted advertising taking place on the wired and wireless web, establishing causality between observed targeted advertisements and past browsing behavior, and developing tools and obfuscation techniques for preserving one’s privacy in view of the revealed targeted advertisement methods. I received a BSc. in Computer Engineering and Informatics (2013) from Cyprus University of Technology and MSc in Computer Engineering and Informatics (2014) from the same university. In 2015 I also received a second MSc. in Telematic Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In 2019 I receive my PhD (-Dr. -Ing.) from the Technische Universität Berlin. As part of my PhD studies, I worked on the design and implementation of two crowdsourced web-based distributed systems that aim to help internet users to understand how their personal data are collected and used on the internet:

  • eyeWnder, a new Real Time Web Advertisement Analyser.
  • $heriff, a browser add-on for detecting price discrimination in e-commerce.
  • (NEW) pageInspector is an experimental web-page analyzer/visualizer to help users and web admins to inspect third party domain inclusions.